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Journal of Media & Communication (JMC)

P-ISSN: 2707-8906, EISSN: 2788-8304

Journal of Media & Communication (JMC) will examine a wide variety of media activities regarding Film, TV, Radio, Social media, academic research etc. Theoretical and empirical advances in film making, production, web channels, web channels, organizational communication, media ethics, digital marketing and other contemporary issues are evaluated on a regular basis. It will be published for executives, researchers and scholars and media students alike, the Journal aids the application of empirical research to practical situations and theoretical findings to the reality of the media world. The scope of the journal will include the all the contemporary issues of media sciences. Responsibility for the content of a paper rests upon the authors and not upon the editors or the publishers.

Why Publish with JMC

Journal of Media & Communication (JMC), evaluates research on scientific validity, strong methodology, and high ethical standards—not perceived significance.

Efficient editorial assessment and fast publication are important to scientific advancement—that's why we work hard to continue to improve our times.

Journal of Media & Communication (JMC) articles are available to everyone, immediately and without restriction. JMC is indexed and listed with INDEXING databases for the wide reach of the journal.

With Journal of Media & Communication (JMC), you can Open opportunities for your community to see, cite, share, and build upon your science: publish your data, get early feedback on preprints, and contextualize research by publishing the peer review history. We'll provide the tools for tracking and sharing your progress.
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Journal of Media & Communication (JMC)

ILMA University - Formerly IBT publishes bi-annual research journal, Journal of Media & Communication (JMC) maintains the highest ethical standards of creativity with emphasis on originality. The journal is committed to quality of content and gives full respect to copyright laws. Authors contributing manuscripts to the Journal pledge to observe the sanctity of their work and make sure that their manuscripts are original and can never be challenged in part or full for plagiarism. The journal follows Blind Peer Review system and the manuscript submission is based on Open Journal Source System (OJSS). Journal of Media & Communication (JMC) provides research in the field of Media & Communication that offers platform for researchers, scholars & scientists to publish their original and to date research of high scientific value. Manuscripts published in the journal illustrate innovations, development and achievements in the field of Media & Communication. The journal is being published electronically as well as in print form. The journal is owned and published by ILMA University - Formerly Institute of Business & Technology, functioning under the Global Educational Consultants, a society established in 2001 through the Societies Act 1860.