Media Implications of Water Scarcity in Pakistan


Volume 3 Issue 1 2022


Dr. Saqib Riaz
Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad

Abstract Water Crisis has become one of the most vital challenges for Pakistan because the nation of 220 million people is passing through the worst kind of water shortage from North to East and South to West. The water shortage crisis has a huge range from the very basic need of drinking water to mass level agricultural and industrial needs. Despite of its greatest significance for the future of the nation, it has been completely ignored by the governments during the last seven and half decades. Political and economic instability as well as absence of a great visionary leadership has been a vital cause of this crisis. The 75-year-old rival neighboring country India having almost 2900 kilometer border sharing with Pakistan is one of the biggest reason for this crisis because it has deliberately blocked the natural flow of water from East to West. Huge amount and resources have been wasted on the proposed Kalabagh Dam but it could not be materialized because of the provincial disagreement and weak political will. The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Mr. Justice Saqib Nisar launched an international campaign to raise funds for the establishment of new dams in the country but practically nothing has been done. This paper investigates the reasons behind the current water crisis and critically analyzes its impact on the social, political and economic well-being of the nation. The paper also critically analyses the role of media in highlighting the issue of water crisis. It enforces media to play its role in the current wave of dams’ construction. It also gives some viable recommendations for moving ahead to achieve the goal to tackle the issue with some viable solution with reference to future challenges
Keywords Crisis, political instability, inflation, security issues, extremism, economic debts
Year 2022
Volume 3
Issue 1
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