Binge Watching on Internet Television Networks & Its Effects on Youth


Volume 3 Issue 1 2022


Shabana Asgher
Lahore College for Women University

Iqra Gohar
University of the Punjab, Lahore

Abstract There is an increase trend of binge watching on the Internet Television Network (ITN) particularly among youth. Scholarly interest in this new concept has produced many researches focusing on the phenomenon of internet (ITN) with particular focus on binge watching .Limited studies, however, have been conducted on the effects of binge watching on ITN . Present study was an attempt to fill this gap. The theoretical foundations were based on Uses and gratifications theory and the Model of the antecedents and consequences of Binge Watching. The major objectives of this study were to find out the consumption patterns and effects (physical, psychological and social) of binge watching on youth. Considering the nature of the study, survey was found to be the most appropriate method for data collection. Data on consumption patterns and self-perceived physical, psychological and social effects of binge watching on youth was collected from 500 students of Lahore by applying the purposive sampling technique. SPSS Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Coefficient was used to test the hypotheses. The results discovered that youth were profound to binge watching, especially at night to avoid disturbance and watch back to back episodes without interruption. The needs which motivate the youth to binge watch included, companionship, stress-relief, escape from the tension and worries, avoid negative feelings and to be able to present oneself as updated in peers. The findings revealed significant correlation between binge watching and physical (r (500) = .179, p < .05), psychological (r (500) = .174, p < .05) and social (r (500) = .178, p < .05) effects. The major effects of binge watching on physical health were disturbed sleeping habits, muscles ache, weight gain and weak eyesight. Isolation, depression, absent mindedness during day time and anxiety were main psychological effects as identified by the results of the study. The most social effect reported was to prefer binge watching over human relations. The research shows that binge watching may be a fun for the youth, but they are highly addictive to them, which ultimately causing many physical, psychological and social effects
Keywords Binge Watching, Internet Television Networks (ITN), Netflix, Effects, Youth
Year 2022
Volume 3
Issue 1
Type Research paper, manuscript, article
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