V-logs Induced Tourism in Pakistan


Volume 3 Issue 1 2022


Iqra Saleem
Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan

Dr. Wajiha Raza Rizvi
Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan

Muhammad Sohail Khalid
De Montfort University, United Kingdom

Abstract The recent increase in Pakistani tourism is partly due to substantial coverage of tourist locations in films/v-logs and the trend of sharing them on social media. This study examines the link between tourism and films/v-logs on tourism in Pakistan. The researchers studied v-log films uploaded on social media especially Facebook and YouTube for this research. They selected four variables after the review of literature, which include destination image, information quality, motivation, and intentions. This research uses quantitative methodology to study the relation between these variables. The results show a positive relation between the variables and the hypothesis were accepted. The study also shed some light upon how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the tourism in Pakistan.
Keywords social media, tourism, films/v-logs
Year 2022
Volume 3
Issue 1
Type Research paper, manuscript, article
Journal Name Journal of Media & Communication (JMC)
Publisher Name ILMA University
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ISSN no (P, PRINT) 2707-8906
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Country Pakistan
City Karachi
Institution Type University
Discipline Media, Advertising, Social Science, Multidisciplinary
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